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SKRD!!! Info:

Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!! is Polish net-label created in 12 June of 2010 by Loffciamcore.

SKRD!!! is specialized in Breakcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore, Splittercore and Extratone!

Additionally sometimes We release also Mashcore, Polcore, Samplecore and Noise stuff!

SKRD!!! Crew:

+ Loffciamcore
+ The M.S.P.
+ TommY RuleZ
+ m1dlet
+ Imil

SKRD!!! Links:
+ Facebook Fanpage
+ Facebook Group
+ Discogs
+ Merchandise
Friendly Labels:
+ Atomic Annihilation
+ Brainkracking Rekords
+ Cuntroll Records
+ Dance Corps
+ Extratone Rec.
+ Fujimi Industry Records
+ Gutter Cvnt
+ Hormonal VibrationZ
+ KyokudoCore Records
+ Legs Akimbo Records
+ Mindnepping Records
+ Napierdalatornia
+ NKS International
+ OthermanRecords
+ PutaMierda SoundSystem
+ Radio Active Hardcore
+ Ringe Raja Records
+ Robotik Speedcore Killers
+ Satan Inside Recordings
+ Shit Wank Records
+ Slime City Records
+ SmokeSkull Records
+ Sociopath Recordings
+ Splatterkore Reck-ords
+ Splitterblast Records
+ Speedcore Worldwide
+ Trashfuck Records
+ Turn It Off Recordz
+ Viral Conspiracy Records
Upcoming Stuff:
In near future we start collect tracks for SKRD!!!-100. This will be really big compilation on high level. Keep an eye on our facebook fanpage cause soon we leave there more info!

Want to release in SKRD!!! album/ep?

Send to us Your stuff in mp3, 320 kbps. We want only finished tracks (no demos) in such styles like Breakcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore, Splittercore and Extratone! Minimum number of tracks per one release is four!


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